Mickey D’s 2012

Mickey D's 2012

My cousins and I always go to McDonald’s after the christmas party at my grandmother’s. fun times. 🙂

(This was at around 12:30 in the morning, and there were hardly any cars on the road…)



First day of Christmas’s nine mornings. And it’s a Sunday!

Must wash my face and go to mass. Smile

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Happy, happy

I was kind of struck by the Nathaniel Hawthorne quote I saw a few hours back… something about how “Easy reading is the product of hard writing.” Sad, but true… After reading that, I wanted to go right ahead and put pen to paper, but then I ended up being too lazy to get up from this couch and get the paper like a good little girl.

Anyway, let me just start by giving you an update of sorts..

Thursday night, I watched Breaking Dawn with my RGK and my cousin Angel (Mika) and her friend Nikki (who happens to dream about being a Psychiatrist one day.tee hee)… it was super fun, the movie and the company, I mean. One of the funniest scenes in it was the one where Jacob suddenly started taking off his clothes,,,and then when he was shirtless, BOOM, pandemonium. It seemed every female (and she-feeling male) in the room broke out in girl shrieks. or squeals. 🙂

RGK was a good sport, though. <– and now he’s convinced that he has to work out extensively.

I remember the look Angel gave me that time. haha. I neither confirmed nor denied. 🙂


Friday night, we had videoke… Pearl’s post-Grand Rounds activities required the therapeutic belting out of ballads designed to soothe the troubled soul. I didn’t catch her agad, though, I was busy with patients, and I only followed. But still…it was a very memorable night.


Saturday was chill, as I was on duty. Told Meemee about issues. Oh, and rocked at helping a family get their patient to the hospital. Mia told me she thought I was so calm. Well, I wasn’t, i was kind of getting annoyed with one of the family members, naturally, but i never showed it.

No other patients for me.


Sunday was the most fun…

Went to Euan’s christening. Bought him a nice present. 🙂 met and talked to someone named PR, a cool chick who knew what she wanted, and did what she wanted. But she thought I was cool, for being a psychiatry resident, she even asked if i could examine her. haha. Anyway, she said that I didn’t look like a doctor, ’cause mostly, she thought that doctors were older-looking. This, of course, I carefully deposited in my virtual box of “nice to knows”.)

Oh, and Yul S., who’s an award-winning actor just happened to be one of the baby’s ninongs. And I was like, Hey, this dude looks familiar. Kaya pala.

And then afterwards, I got picked up at the house by RGK and Pao, who drove us to Greenbelt 5, for the fashion show. Anj was there too, and then we ogled all the lovely dresses (and I’m pretty sure the boys ogled all the girls). 🙂 It was a nice surprise to see one of our coresidents, Trinaling (not her real name, of course), doing the catwalk.

(I figured walking down the catwalk is quite exciting…would love to do it next year. :-))

And then, if that wasn’t enough, we all went to Van Gogh is Bipolar, that avant-garde restaurant run by Jethro, who is the coolest person I’ve known so far. I wish i could post more pictures, but suffice to say, he was a dude who had a nice, soothing aura, and a super fun house. 

Oh, and if you do a search on “Van Gogh is Bipolar” online, you’ll come up with fun, legit reads.:-D 

It was a taste sensation, a feast for the senses…and I learned a whole lot that night, about life, and mood-altering food, and everything else, in some way. It was a truly blissful experience, if  do say so myself. Was very glad to have spent it with good friends.


Here’s to more adventures. Soon.



Ninang Duties

was recently made a godmother…attended Euan’s christening last Saturday.

World, meet Euan!

isaw time

I’ve always wanted to try out UP Diliman’s Isaw…and finally, this afternoon, i got to! it was super yummy…but best of all, i shared with my friends, and my precious little inaanak. she’s a breath of fresh air, and her mommy is the best and kindest soul ever.A friend for life indeed. 🙂

Yesterday was kind of heavy on my heart…I was dumbstruck by the news and had to process it before I knew what was happening to me. I never expected it to get that bad and for it to happen to me. but it did, and now i want to atone for it…

i just felt angry that declarations were made before they were even final, and i hate subjectivity. the thing is, i’m never going to get any peace if i didn’t say it. 

and another highlight was that i was able to spend time with one of my favorite people, and i got to meet his close friend from way back in college. his friend kept asking if there was something going on between us. :-p well, there was, i think, but i didn’t explore further